center for victim and human rights

Who We Are

Founded in 2008, the Center for Victim and Human Rights (CVHR) is a 501(c)( 3), nonprofit, legal services organization.  Our mission is to make the victim as whole as possible.  The CVHR executes this mission through two functions: (1) providing low cost or no cost legal services to crime and human rights abuse victims, and (2) engaging in policy development and educational outreach.

If you are seeking legal assistance, please be advised that you must first complete our intake questionnaire, which you may access by clicking here.

Otherwise, for all other matters, please complete our online form on the Contact Us page or send us an e-mail to

The Costs

  • 21 million crimes committed in the United States.
  • 5 million were violent crimes.
  • 16 million were property crimes.
  • Only 47% of violent crimes reported.
  • $105 billion annually, in property and productivity losses.
  • Many crime victims and human rights abuse victims do not receive legal assistance because they either don’t know how to seek help or don’t have the means to access help.
  • $425 per man, woman, and child in “crime tax,” the cost per person, per year in crime victimization without including the costs of pain, long-term emotional trauma, and disability.
  • $1,800 the per year, “crime tax” when pain, long-term emotional trauma and disability are included.

Pointed: The CVHR Podcast

In this episode of Pointed: The CVHR Podcast, Host, Josh Simpson talks with Mr. Manoj Rana, an inspiring young man who became a victim of arson in 2005. Listen to Manoj's incredible journey from death's doorstep to today, a recent MBA graduate and volunteer who is giving back to his community.



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